About Me

Welcome to my blog! I’m a Miami based blogger sharing my love of food, fashion and wanderlust.

A little background on me: my mom is from Matanzas, Cuba. She and her parents migrated to Miami, FL when she was in her late teens. My Father is from the small island of Formentera (Balearic Islands) in Spain, he migrated to the United States in his twenties. I was born in Miami and in 2006 married a wonderful man who was born in New Jersey and whose parents are from Puerto Rico.

As you can imagine, I have enjoyed delicious home cooked Spanish meals my entire life. Those great meals inspired me to share my love of food with others. In 2015 I started the foodie page HungryQbans. Throughout the years I’ve met some pretty amazing people in the “foodie” world and collaborated with companies that have opened up amazing opportunities.

In 2018 I decided it was time to share all of my passions so I began a new page, Yanefinds where I share my passion for Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle.

In this blog you will find my recommendations for things to do, eat and see as well as little tidbits of my life and personal style.