A Meal to Remember at Barton G Miami Beach

I had heard of Barton G and it’s amazingly presented dishes. I finally got to see these for myself and I can now say that the dishes are indeed amazingly presented but also amazingly delicious. The restaurant is located in Miami Beach, a few blocks away from Lincoln Road. It has a beautifully lit inside bar and a lush outdoor courtyard for dining when the weather allows.

On my visit I chose to start with a Miami Retro Vice cocktail made with Silver Rum and fresh strawberry purée, with a piña colada nitro pop. It came to the table atop a small screen showing retro beach clips, a beach chair to its right and the nitro pop which provided the great smoky visual. Then came our first appetizer, I could hear the sounds of a chicken coop coming towards the table, our waiter sat a nesting box on our table and inside were The Devil’s Egg which were white truffle whipped deviled eggs with a togarashi bacon crumble, crisp garlic, fresh black truffles & garden herbs. These were some delicious deviled eggs, slightly spicy with a great crunch from the bacon and garlic, the fresh black truffle was the perfect addition.

Our second appetizer was the Can’t Sea Scallops which came with a cedar wrapped scallop crudo on toasted brioche, concealing a deep dish of pan roasted Maine diver scallops with parsnip, smoked mushroom, sweet spinach and bacon butter broth. The crudo toast was excellent but the scallops stole the show, bacon and butter, need I say more? The scallops were cooked perfectly tender, every bite with the mushroom and spinach was a delight to the senses.

My favorite presentation of the night was Honey Bee My Surf N Turf, it came atop a honeycomb glass dish with a beehive and wearable beekeeper hat which you know I just had to put on for a picture. As for the delicious dish, it had porcini honey lacquered Florida grouper and slow braised veal breast, a cannellini bean puree, wilted escarole, and local honeycomb. We could hear our next dish from the kitchen, sounds of a mower coming towards us, our table had already been prepared with scattered wheatgrass and a large square grass turf. Our server came and sat down a small mower with our next entrée, the The Lawn Moo-er 200, a 48oz. Grass Fed Porterhouse, charbroiled and carved with roasted mushrooms, battered onion rings and natural jus. Sides were buttermilk Yukon potatoes and a cheesy ‘greens, grass & weeds’ gratin. The meat was juicy, flavorful, and tender. The sides were cheesy and creamy as they should be.

The night had to end with a bang, and that it did. Dessert was quite the attraction. We had the Dolla Dolla Bills Y’All which comes to the table with an extra-large hundred dollar bill which is the desserts focal point, below it are “gold” nuggets in a variety of sizes. The large one concealed a mega rich chocolate ganache and dulce de leche tart which our server torched while wearing a welders helmet.  It had a graham cracker crust, soft meringue, and chocolate –feuilletine golden nuggets. Like I first mentioned, presentation is amazing but that chocolate tart was so deliciously rich, eating spoonful’s of it with the melted meringue just made me so very happy!

Barton G is a restaurant you definitely want to go to for a special occasion as the prices are a little high, but if you want to wow your special someone this is the place to go. Service is excellent, the food is delicious and you will definitely get a wow of an experience.


1427 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | (305) 672-8881

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